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Equality in Adult
Education Lifelong

(Intersectionality and Gender)

A promising project with which
to learn about equality and accessibility.



This KA220 project represents the second phase of a previous partnership for cooperation known as EquALL(ing) Equality in Learning throughout Adult Life (Intersectionality and Gender).

This project for the exchange of good practices, which lasted two years, sought to improve the treatment of gender equality in adult education. On this occasion, a much more inclusive expansion has been carried out by incorporating Uriho, a non-profit organization based in Zagreb, Croatia, which has 50% of its workforce made up of people with some type of disability. Uriho joins this project, which already had the participation of CP Angel San Briz as coordinating partner, CPEPA Cella from Spain, CPIA 2 Bari from Italy, the Capulisse association from Bordeaux in France, the Orient Express association in Austria and the University LUC in Celje, Slovenia.

Each of these organizations, will assume the responsibility of hosting the participants during the first transnational meeting.

During the meeting, in which all attendees participated, a joint presentation was prepared that will serve as a summary and presentation in the respective countries. Likewise, the roles of each of the partners as coordinators and developers of the different proposed products were defined again. These products include an extended version of the products obtained in the previous project, such as the bank of activities and good practices, as well as new resources such as educational pills, through a YouTube channel, as well as an online course for education trainers. of adult people.

Finally, after agreeing on new ways of coordination or dissemination, the partners are learning to take accessibility into account, for example, in their publications and this is reflected in the adaptation of the images on social networks.


"EquALLing 2.0" expands its gender equality project with Uriho's disability-inclusive partnership for enhanced inclusivity.

Latest activities


Online training for lifelong learning facilitator (educators)


“Youtube channel”; ID: @Equalling2.0.


Andragogical materials