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Work Package 6 “Online training for lifelong learning facilitator (educators)”

Our future training course for teachers and trainers consists in a 30-hour online course on inclusion and universal design in adult training.

It is tailored for teachers or trainers working with adults in basic education or social and professional integration.

The participants of the training course will be able to develop and implement learning contents in an accessible way with an intersectional, transcultural and inclusive approach.

This course will contain interactive training contents on the three concepts “Inclusion – Transculturality – Intersectionality”.

In the first step, a theoretical approach will allow the learners to better understand those concepts and to embrace the principles of a transcultural, intersectional and inclusive approach in adult education.

Then learners will discover good practices of partner organizations, experts in the field of inclusion, transculturality or intersectionality and will have to apply inclusive teaching methods in educational scenarios.

The last step will lead the learners to self-reflection and self-assessment concerning their teaching method and style, and they will have to design an activity for their classroom based on the training contents. All along the training, participants will receive resources (methods, tools, activities, links, etc.) to be able to enrich their teaching approach.

The participants will receive a certification and a reward when successfully finishing this Equalling2 training.