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Work Package 4 “Andragogical materials”

There are two main objectives in this work package:

  • Specific Objective 1: offer a series of resources to adult educator teachers and staff so as, to integrate an intersectional, transcultural and inclusive approach in the classroom.
  • Specific Objective 2: give a framework to the educators so they can design their own activities with the mentioned approach.

As a result, there have been created:

  1. Collection of life stories of adult learners with an intersectional profile (due to their age, culture, cognitive or physical disability, learning difficulty or any other vulnerability): texts, videos, audios or visual presentations will be the format for those life stories.
  2. Activities for the classroom related to the collection of life stories.
  3. Brief guide to set dialogical experiences when working with intersectional, transcultural and functionally diverse adult learners: a short text (not more than 30 pages) with an introduction, explanation of topics, recommended procedure to set a dialogical activity in the adult classrooms.
  4. Bank of Best Practices: all addressed to work with those learners profiles, and chosen to be implemented in adult education centers, for them to develop their soft skills, raise awareness of their identity, have access to learning and promote social and working inclusion.