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Iva Šušak (

Antonija Mekinić (

Partnering Organization:

URIHO is a sheltered workshop which employs over 500 people among which 51% are people with disabilities. Apart from specially designed workplaces to meet the needs of people with disabilities, URIHO offers a wide range of adult education programs aimed at developing or expanding working capacities of people with disabilities.

Main business activities:

Our mission is training and employment of people with disabilities, as well as finding new opportunities for their employment, while creating a pleasant and stimulating working environment. Rich selection of URIHO´s products (from textile to lather and ceramics products) shows that URIHO successfully utilizes abilities and competences of PWDs for more than 75 years now.

Why are we in the project?

We in URIHO consider lifelong learning as the ultimate tool for inclusion of PWDs. In order to enable PWDs to take part in those programs we need to upskill learning facilitators with relevant knowledge and competences in fields of universal design and accessibility..

In addition to that we ourselves can improve our knowledge and experience regarding intersectionality and interculturality through exchange and collaboration with other amazing partners. That is why we decided to take part in Equalling 2.0 project.