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Ljudska Univerza Celje

“Vision, mission and values, show us the direction of development and define the way we want to realize our mission in the field of adult education”


Partnering Organization:

Public institution for Adult Education, whose main task is education of adults. We see the meaning and vision of our functioning as a modern educational centre, as we strive to follow all the m¡novelties in the field of education and educate people according to the principles o lifelong learning.

Main business activities:

The main focus of our work is to take care of vulnerable target groups (young people, immigrants, unemployed, prisoners, retirees, etc). The most vital supporting activity by our work is counselling. We do formal, informal education and project work.

Why are we in the project?

Because we strive for international cooperation to enrich our knowledge and to acquire and share examples of good practice throughout Europe.