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Cap Ulysse

“Cultural diversity, tolerance, worldwide and European citizenship”


Elise Lafon Silber

Partnering Organization:

Cap Ulysse is a French training center committed to several initiatives aimed at strengthening the European workforce, certified with the French Qualiopi label for training centers.

Main business activities:

Cap Ulysse is organized with
- mobility department: incoming and outgoing European learning and training mobilities,
- a training department: with an intercultural and international approaches for local stakeholders in adult education or the social sector
- and an innovation and experimentation laboratory: enhancing social and professional inclusion, digital competences, intercultural competences and autonomy in learning.

Why are we in the project?

Cap Ulysse has a strong knowledge of European project management and over it 13 years’ of experience on didactic innovation and work base learning for educational purposes on a European perspective.

Through the years, Cap Ulysse has shared its expertise by developing several training paths and tools dedicated to learners and adult trainers in and around Bordeaux/France.